Hui Li Australian & New Zealand Obesity Society 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting

Hui Li

Dr. Li is a postdoctoral researcher in the Adelaide Medical School, University of Adelaide, and Nutrition, Diabetes and gut health, Lifelong Health Theme, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute. She completed her PhD in Medicine in 2014. Dr. Li has a research interest in gastric vagal afferent signalling in health and diseases. By using multiple complex techniques, including electrophysiology and laser capture microdissection, she has significantly advanced understanding on the interaction between gastric appetite regulatory hormones and gastric vagal afferents, and has found this system is dynamic changing with nutritional states (e.g. food restriction and obesity). She is also interested in understanding the physiological and molecular basis of functional dyspepsia, particularly its mechanisms via gastric vagal afferents. These studies will led to new understanding of diseases associated with vagal afferents and provide potential treatment regime or pharmacotherapies for treatment of these diseases.

Abstracts this author is presenting: